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Happy (early) Birthday! And thank you for your interest in donating your special day to help survivors of sexual violence!

Pledging your birthday by asking for donations instead of gifts is an incredibly generous and meaningful act. We all get things we don’t need for our birthdays - why not use this special occasion to make a real difference in the lives of others instead?

RAINN invites you to join with singer-songwriter Tori Amos, the first to donate her birthday to RAINN, and pledge your special day. No matter when your birthday falls, you can pledge now by following this simple process:

1) Sign up by clicking the Become a Fundraiser button at the top of this page.

2) Create your birthday campaign page — share what this cause means to you through words, photos, and videos.

3) Share your commitment with your friends, family and community through personal emails, calls, social media, and more!

Each year, around 293,000 individuals become victims of sexual violence.  Each day, RAINN helps more than 400 survivors in their time of need through our National Sexual Assault Hotline (800.656.HOPE and The support from you and your community makes a huge impact in the lives of survivors each and every day.

Thank you for joining with RAINN on this vital issue. We welcome you to the family!

If you have any questions or need assistance with setting up your campaign page, please feel free to contact Jim Breslin at or at 202.587.5355.